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Welcome to MJC & Company INC., where we are driven by the ambition of beautifying homes and adding character and value with our stylish, high quality and elegant looking sliding barn door hardware, home decoration items, and accessories.

We don’t claim to do it all, but we do claim to do barn doors and home decoration items exceptionally well. While relatively young, MJC & Company was born out of a deep need to offer practical solutions to home decoration and décor needs at a price that doesn’t break the bank. More so, the company was founded on many years of extensive research and a deep knowledge of construction and aesthetics.

With a focus on providing quality products for practical everyday applications, MJC & Company's mission is to make its clients’ lives just a little bit easier and less stressful, and to accomplish that with style. 

The company was founded by Matthew Caldwell, a passionate young entrepreneur who has an extensive construction and carpentry background as well as a degree in construction management. He has requisite hands-on experience with installations of barn doors and other home accessories, and has put together a team of dedicated and passionate problem solvers like himself to help make home dreams come true.

No matter your vision for your dream home, we are fully equipped and always ready to help you bring your vision to life. We provide stylish, elegant, and quality pieces that add character to your home.

At MJC & Company INC., customer service and satisfaction is our number one goal.         


Our products

We offer a barn door hardware collection that add character and improve the functionality of any door, focusing mainly on sliding barn door hardware and other cool, rustic decorative pieces.

We also design custom-made barn door hardware kits, door accessories and home decoration accessories. 


Our clients

Whether you own a big home or not, as long as you want to add value to your home and stamp it with your own special brand of uniqueness, we will consider it an honor to work with you. Whether you are undergoing a huge home improvement project or a small DIY weekend project, we are here to help.


Why MJC?

We offer quality always. We will never compromise on our standards or cut corners. We guarantee that you will be using our products for years to come.

And we don’t only offer durability, we also offer a personal customer service touch that most other companies don’t. We will work with you from the beginning of your project to the very end, listening to you along the way, working only to make your vision come to life.

You dream it; we do it. No questions asked.

Welcome aboard.


MJC & Company INC.
8605 Santa Monica Blvd. #93700
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(925) 392-5752

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